Santa On Wheelie Bike

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About Santa On Wheelie Bike


Santa Wheelie Bike Challenge is an adventure of driving a bike on one wheel, travelling long distances and balancing to avoid collisions with other vehicles.

Jump on Santa's bike and embark on an exciting adventure in Santa Wheelie Bike Challenge! Santa may not be the world's best biker. But, after all, he is Santa. So, of course, you believe him. You get on a ride with him and test his limits, no matter how sleazy he appears. So buckle up for the ride of your life and hold on tight!

This game isn't like a traditional motorcycle game. To get Santa moving in this game, you must balance things on your own. When the game begins, you will see Santa riding his motorcycle. Simply click on the left-click to get him moving. The trick is that you can't just let go of the mouse and let him fall to the ground. In that case, you will fail and be forced to restart the game. To proceed, you must balance the bike by slowly clicking on the left click in such a way that he does not fall or roll back. There is no end to the road, and you can always start over.

Release Date:

December 13, 2021

How to play:

You can jump by pressing the up key and slide by pressing the down key.