Redball Another World

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About Redball Another World


Welcome to Redball Another World which is a stunning adventure game. Guide the red ball to collect all stars and reach the finish line quickly.

If you are a big fan of the red ball hero in Red Hero Ball 4, try this game now. In this game, our red ball starts a new journey in the 3D world. You must help it to collect all the stars in this world and reach the finish line as soon as possible. The only danger in this world is the insurmountable leaps. If you fall out of the track, the game is over. Try to jump as high as possible to overcome giant leaps.

There are 15 stages in this game. Each stage features a distinct racetrack. Complete all stages and have fun. If you want more adventure games, you should take a look at Red Ball Forever 2 and Geometry Dash on our website.

How to control

Press ARRWO KEYS to move.

Press the Spacebar to jump.