Red Hero Ball 4

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About Red Hero Ball 4


Get ready to join a wonderful adventure with a red ball in Red Hero Ball 4. Control the ball to dodge various traps and collect as many stars as possible.

It is another exciting adventure of Red Ball. Are you ready for this? Click the Play button to start this adventure now. Your mission is to take control of the red ball to roll as fast as possible to reach the destination. Be careful! The path is full of dangerous obstacles and enemies. You must jump as high as possible to evade them. Use your gun, hammer, or bombs to eliminate all enemies you meet along the way. Besides, collecting stars is an important task. Collect as many stars as possible to raise your score.

This game has 50 levels with different degrees of difficulty. Do your best to get three stars at each level and complete all of them. After completing the adventure with the red ball, you don't hesitate to join Geometry Dash for more adventures with a square character.

How to control


Press WASD keys or ARROW KEYS to move

Press a T key to activate the rocket to fly

Press a G key to throw the grenade

Press an F key to shoot

Press a C key to use a hammer to attack


Tap the buttons on the screen to control the ball