Rac Simulator


Welcome to Rac Simulator which is an interesting driving game. Drive your car to go to different places in China and complete assigned missions.

If you are keen on driving games such as Madalin Stunt Cars 2 or Madalin Cars Multiplayer, this game is designed for you. In this game, you must drive your car to go to different famous places in China to complete different missions. Be careful! There are many vehicles on the path. Try not to crash into them if you don't want to lose soon. Do your best to finish the missions in the shortest time to get three stars.

How to control: Tap the buttons on the screen

The maps in Rac Simulator

This game takes place in three large cities in China. They are Beijing, Shanghai, and Changsha. Each city features different race tracks in different locations. In Beijing, you get an opportunity to race in Wangfujing Walking Street, Temple of Heaven, NST, Tsinghua, and Theatre. Play the game now to get an opportunity to see wonderful views in China. If you like this game, check out Geometry Dash which is a stunning game on our website.

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