Madalin Cars Multiplayer

9 votes 3.2/5

About Madalin Cars Multiplayer


Madalin Cars Multiplayer is a cool, amazing car stunts game. Drive various types of supercars through various maps filled with crazy ramps and loops.

You can change the colour and drive settings of your car to make it truly unique! After selecting your vehicle, you can begin exploring the vast desert landscape in the online game!

Explore the environment with other players and perfect your driving abilities. There are numerous streets, roads, and areas to explore in the world. Drive as much as you want or organize multiplayer races with other players to show off your skills!

Features Game:

  • There are numerous ready-made car models.
  • Customizable car colours based on a red, green, and blue colour scheme.
  • Exploration in an open world in a large desert with a port.
  • Camera movements are fluid.
  • Three distinct starting points.

How To Play:

  • WASD or arrow keys
  • F to use nitro
  • C to change the camera
  • R to reset the car
  • I to start or stop the engine
  • Space bar to use handbrake