Pig Ball Impostor

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About Pig Ball Impostor


Pig Ball Impostor is a game for players of all ages. The goal game is to join the boar ball adventure in the forest, where you will gather and hunt forgers.

You are given the main character and the goal of moving forward. Simple controls, a clear agenda, and some challenges to keep things interesting. This title is ideal for passing the time and having fun. Try it at home, at work, at school, or whenever you're bored.

You'll be in charge of a pink circle that resembles a piggy. It only rolls left and right instead of walking. In addition, jumps are used to climb obstacles. Your objective is to move forward, collect stars, and avoid death. The options will assist you in getting started. In the background, there are white and blue clouds, green grass, and massive trees. When dealing with track holes, use caution. You will drown if you fall.


If you want to survive, keep an eye out for your opponents.

Climbing on top of creatures allows you to destroy them.

Doubling leaps grants you more goods or points in the game.

How to play the game Pig Ball Impostor:

To move, you'll need a keyboard. A and D will move the character left and right, respectively, while W will jump. A higher leap is obtained by tapping the latter button twice. As innocuous as you appear, you can be deadly to our adversaries. They are green square-shaped zombies that walk forward and back. If they touch you, you die and begin again. However, try landing on their heads: this attack will completely destroy them! You can also simply jump over them and ignore them.

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