Slope Multiplayer

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About Slope Multiplayer


Slope Multiplayer is the new version of the slope game. Take control of your ball to race with other players over the world and try to get a victory.

This game is inspired by Slope, so their gameplay is really similar. in this game, you have to guide your ball to roll to the finish line. Watch out! You can see many red cubes along the way. They are really dangerous. If your ball hit them, it will explode and the game is over. Therefore, you should control the ball to move left or right to evade them. Besides, you have to compete with many players in the race, so going fast is a key factor which helps you to get a victory. You can collect the green boxes. These boxes help to increase your rolling speed and overtake many opponents. Note that your ball will get a crown if you are in the lead. You can look at the leaderboard on the bottom left of the screen to know your rank. Try your best to cross the finish line in the shortest time to increase your experience level. If you get the first rank, you will be rewarded with 15 experience points.

How to control

Press RIGHT-LEFT ARROW KEYS to move left or right.

Reasons you should play Slope Multiplayer

Available in many regions

This game offers three regions including America, Asia and Europe. You can see the list of regions on the bottom left of the screen and choose one of them. Keep in mind that if you choose the American region, you have to race with players in America. If you choose an Asia region, your opponents are from many countries in Asia. Similarly, if you choose a Europe region, you have to compete with rivals from many countries in Europe.

Online Save and Local Save

There are two options including Online Save and Local Save in this game. If you choose a Local save, your progress will be saved on the device. Reversely, Online Save will help to save your progress will be saved on the cloud forever. Therefore, you can play this game on any device. Moreover, if you sign in and play the game, you will earn HP faster and your name will be saved on the leaderboard.