Noob vs 1000 Freddys

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About Noob vs 1000 Freddys


Join the fight between Noob and animatronics in Noob vs 1000 Freddys. Aim accurately and shoot down as many animatronics as possible in the maze.

This game is a fantastic combination of two famous games. In this game, you will transform into Noob who is the main character in Parkour Block 3. Your enemies are animatronics who you also meet in Playtime Horror Monster Ground. Your objective is to use the gun to shoot down all 12 animatronics in the maze. Be careful! The animatronics are really aggressive and ready to attack you. Try to stay away from them and constantly shoot at them. You can actively go around the maze to find your opponents and kill them. Change the weapons when necessary. If all 12 animatronics are knocked out, you will get a victory.

Play this game now and showcase your shooting skill. If you like this game, try Geometry Dash to join an exciting adventure with a square character.

How to control

  • Press W A S D keys to walk around
  • Use the Mouse to look around
  • Press the Left Mouse Button to fire
  • Press the Right Mouse Button to aim.
  • Rotate the Mouse Wheel to change weapons
  • Press a G key for grenades
  • Press an R key to reload
  • Press an F key to pick up items
  • Press Left Shift to run
  • Press Left CTRL to crouch
  • Press a X key to prone
  • Press a Spacebar to jump