Playtime Horror Monster Ground

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About Playtime Horror Monster Ground


Playtime Horror Monster Ground is an exciting arcade game. Control Freddy to move around the room to look for and kill as many hiders as possible.

In this game, you play as a monster and your mission is to move around the room to look for all people who are hiding anywhere. Try to find out and kill all of them to win the game. You can collect the weapon along the way. Be careful! The police squad will come after a few minutes and try to shoot down you. The game is over if the blood bar on your head is empty. Therefore, don't hesitate to attack the police and destroy anything you see along the way. Prove that no one can stop you. Attempt to find the treasure chest to get extra coins. You will claim a lot of coins after winning a level. Use the coins to unlock new characters and body parts in the shop. You can upgrade the statistics of your character such as Life, Speed and Vision statistics to be more powerful.

This game has more than 100 levels with increasing degrees of difficulty. Try your best to complete all of the levels to raise your name on the leaderboard.

Features of Playtime Horror Monster Ground:

  • A variety of characters to unlock
  • Various body parts to select
  • Many levels with different degrees of difficulty
  • Leaderboard support
  • Easy control
  • Colourful 3D graphics and vibrant sound effects

How to play:

  • Use the mouse or WASD keys to move.