Nine Block: Block Puzzle Game


Nine Block: Block Puzzle Game is a classic puzzle game with vintage design. You must place the pieces of blocks onto the grid to create a 3x3 block.

If you are a big fan of puzzle games such as Wood Block Puzzle and Woodoku, don't miss this game. In this game, you must move the blocks of different shapes to the grid. Try to create a 3x3 block to eliminate it from the grid. The more blocks you can remove, the more points you can get. Do your best to get the highest possible score. If you get stuck, you can use boosters at the top of the screen. They are a bomb, shuffle button, and swap button. The bomb helps to destroy a lot of blocks in the grid while the shuffle button will change the blocks at the right of the screen. The swap button can be used to change the position of the blocks. Come on! Start playing the game now and try not to run out of space to get a victory. After playing the game, you can try Geometry Dash which is an excellent running game on our website.

How to play

Use the mouse to play.

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