Wood Block Puzzle


Wood Block Puzzle is a brain-teaser puzzle game with simple mechanics. Place different blocks into the board to complete vertical or horizontal lines.

The mechanics of this game are super simple and similar to Woodoku. Just drag the blocks at the bottom of the screen and then drop them into the board. Arrange them to create vertical or horizontal lines. A completed line will be eliminated from the board and you will gain many points. Do your best to remove as many lines as possible to get the highest possible score and many coins. If you get stuck, you can use some power-ups such as Change Figures, Clear One Field, Clear Type, and Clear Area. They will help you to continue the game and get a higher score. Play the game now and challenge your friends. Let's see whether they can beat your highest record or not. If you enjoy this game, check out Geometry Dash which is a thrilling game on our website.

How to play: Use the mouse to play

Some useful strategies to beat Wood Block Puzzle

The game is harder than it looks, so you need some tips. Here they are.

  • Place the blocks at the bottom corners first
  • Try to remove multiple rows or columns at once
  • Always remember to leave space for a 3x3 block
  • Plan your moves in advance
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