Neon Racer

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About Neon Racer


Get ready to participate in 30 thrilling bike races in Neon Racer. Drive your motorbike to the finish line as fast as possible and gather all diamonds on the track.

Like Neon Biker, this game also requires you to control your motorbike to race as fast as possible on the neon racetrack. Note that this racetrack is not flat. It is extremely winding instead. Therefore, you must always keep your motorbike balanced while racing on this game track. If it flips, the game is over. Besides, you also need to collect as many diamonds as possible along the racetrack. Make impressive air flips to claim extra diamonds. Try your best to cross the finish line in the shortest time to gain three stars and move on to the next level. There are 30 levels with varying degrees of difficulty awaiting you to accomplish.

Come on! Play this game now to show off your driving skills. Prove that you are the greatest racer. If you enjoy this game, remember to check out Geometry Dash which is also an exciting game on our website.

How to control

Press a Right Arrow Key to accelerate the speed.

Hold an Up Arrow Key to jump

Press a Down or Left Arrow Key to go backward