Neon Biker


Neon Biker is a fantastic game where you can perform dangerous stunts while driving on the endless races. Choose your vehicles and run as far as possible!

You have to guide your bike through each level and perform stunts, jumps, and tricks. Use your left click button to speed up, and when you jump, hold the left click button to do amazing flips.

You have to time your acceleration carefully and try to avoid collisions. You will land hard and destroy your bike if you flip too much. By using the gems that you collect, you can buy a variety of unique motorcycles to use, from a basic scooter to an epic superbike. The gameplay is fun and challenging, and the graphics are simple but significant.

Enjoy the game!

Features of Neon Biker

  • Colorful neon graphics
  • Addictive game
  • Singleplayer

How to control

  • Use left click mouse button to accelerate
  • Hold the left click mouse button to perform awesome flips when you jump
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