Mr Gunslinger - Shooting Games

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About Mr Gunslinger - Shooting Games


Prepare for breathtaking shooting fights against monsters in Mr Gunslinger - Shooting Games. Shoot down all monsters to complete the level and earn coins.

In this game, you will become a gunslinger whose task is to battle with monsters. Move around and shoot down all monsters you meet along the way. Note that attacking from behind your enemies does more damage. Besides, you can unlock the treasure chests which are scattered in the arena. They contain a lot of boosters that help you become more powerful and invincible. Do your best to kill all monsters to complete the level. Play the game and become the strongest gunslinger. If you like this game, you should try playing Battles Of Seas, Mr Bullet Online, and Geometry Dash which are exciting games on our website.

How to control: Hold the left mouse to control the character.

Interesting things in Mr Gunslinger - Shooting Games

This game features many daily rewards. Come back and play the game every day to claim them. In addition, there are many levels with increasing degrees of difficulty in this game. Try to complete all of them to earn as many coins as possible. Spend the coins you earn to upgrade your skills.