Battles Of Seas


Participate in exciting fights on the sea in Battles Of Seas. Try your best to destroy your opponent's ship to score as many points as possible.

Are you ready for thrilling fights on the sea? In the fight, you have to destroy your rival's ship as soon as possible. Try to aim accurately and shoot constantly until the health bar of your rival is empty. If your rival's ship is sunk or wrecked first, you will be a victor and score one point. Do your best to score as many points as possible. Don't forget to grab power-ups like the protection shield or extra life that come down with the parachutes.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to shoot.

Playable game modes in Battles Of Seas

Two game modes including Normal Mode and Hard Mode are available for gameplay. In the Normal Mode, your rivals are not strong. Therefore, you can defeat them easily. However, in the Hard Mode, you have to confront powerful opponents whose ships can launch two projectiles. Do your best to defeat them. Good luck! If you enjoy this game, check out Geometry Dash, Funny Battle Simulator 2, and Boom Battle Arena on our website.

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