Mineworld Horror The Mansion


Welcome to Mineworld Horror The Mansion where you have to fight against zombies. Take down all zombies and leave this scary mansion as soon as possible.

The police officers got a call from the mansion on the city's outskirts. They are told that something strange was going on. As a police officer, you are assigned to go to this mansion to investigate. In this mansion, you meet a lot of zombies. Use your gun to shoot down all zombies along the way. Then, run as fast as possible to reach the green spot. If you can do that, the level is completed.

Play the game now and have fun. If you are keen on this game, what about checking out Playtime Horror Monster Ground, Zombie Tsunami Online, and Geometry Dash on our website?

How to control

Click the left mouse button to shoot.

Press ARROW KEYS to move.

Press the Ctrl key to crouch.

Press the Spacebar to jump.

Press an F key to use items.

Press the R key to reload.

Press an H key to holster weapons.

Press a G key to throw grenades.

Press a T key to enter bullet time.

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