Hero Attack


Hero Attack is an entertaining shooting game with 45 levels. Shoot your heroes to eliminate all enemies in the shortest time to gain three stars.

In this game, you have to sling and shoot your heroes to kill opponents in the arena. Note that you have only 3 heroes. The game is over if you can't eliminate all enemies when you run out of heroes. Therefore, try your best to aim accurately. Do your best to take down all enemies with one shot to gain 3 stars and the highest score.

There are a total of 45 levels with increasing degrees of difficulty. Attempt to complete all levels and have fun. Share the game with your friends or relatives if you find it exciting. Besides, our website presents many awesome games such as Hero Masters, Geometry Dash, Heroes Towers, and Super Hero League Online. If you have free time, check them out!

How to control

Hold the left mouse button to aim.

Release the left mouse button to shoot.

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