Hero Masters


Hero Masters is an exciting action game with stunning 3D visuals. Use your special abilities to defeat all enemies and collect all keys in the arena.

Aliens come to the Earth and invade the city. As a superhero, you must fight against them and protect the city now. Utilize your special abilities to kill all terrorists in the city. You can shoot at the bomb barrels. They will explode and kill all nearby opponents quickly. Be careful with the bosses! They are so powerful. You should prioritize eliminating the alien warriors first and then battle with the bosses. Besides, don't forget to collect all keys along the way. Complete a level to unlock a new special ability.

Play this game now to join the breathtaking fight between a superhero and aliens. If you like this game, don't forget to play Geometry Dash which is an attractive game on our website.

How to control

Click the left mouse to fight

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