Geometry Dash Theory Of Everything 2

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About Geometry Dash Theory Of Everything 2


Welcome to Geometry Dash Theory Of Everything 2 which is the eighteenth level of this series. Overcome a variety of obstacles and grab all secret coins.

Get ready for the new adventure with the square character in this game. It is the eighteenth level of Geometry Dash with Demon difficulty. In this game, you will take control of the character to dodge many obstacles to reach the final portal in the shortest time. Note that the character will change its form constantly. For example, it will change to the mini-ship form from 11% to 16%. Then, it will transform into a UFO from 16% to 19%. Next, the UFO will become a ball from 19% to 24%. You must react quickly as soon as the character changes its appearance. Additionally, in this game, you will see fading saw-blades and invisible slopes, as well as fake slopes for the first time. Due to them, the game will become more challenging for you to play. Try your best to beat all challenges and collect three secret coins along the game. Play the game now to conquer this demon level. If you enjoy this game, check out other levels which are Geometry Dash Clutterfunk and Geometry Dash Fast Base After Base.

How to control

Click the left mouse or the Spacebar to jump.