Geometry Dash Clutterfunk

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About Geometry Dash Clutterfunk


Welcome to Geometry Dash Clutterfunk which is the eleventh level of this series. Guide the character to dodge various obstacles and pass through many portals.

This game is the eleventh level of Geometry Dash. It is also an easy demon level rated 10 stars. In this version, you will encounter the saw-blade danger and pass through the size portal. In addition, this game features the more challenging level of cube sequences. Therefore, it requires fast reflexes and precise timing. You can use the pads and rings to jump or fly higher. In addition, when the character changes to the ship form, it has to fly in a less spacious path. Therefore, you should be careful when guiding the ship. Attempt not to crash into the obstacles and go as far as possible. Do your best to collect three secret coins which can be found at 31%, 65%, and 86%.

Come on! If you are a skillful player, don't ignore this game. Check out other versions of this famous series which are Geometry Dash Bloodlust and Geometry Loop Jump.

How to control

Click the left mouse or the Spacebar to jump.