Geometry Dash Speedrun

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About Geometry Dash Speedrun


Welcome to Geometry Dash Speedrun which is an Extreme Demon Level created by Kaito. Run to the destination at a super fast speed and gather all user coins.

This game is a 2.1 solo Extreme Demon of Geometry Dash. It was created and published by Kaito and verified by Cinci. In this game, the speed of the character is super fast. Therefore, it is suitable for skillful players. If you master all skills, try it out. Take control of the character to traverse through the dangerous maze. Furthermore, you also need to grab two keys and one user coin along the way. The first key appears at 15% while the second one is located at 50%. Finally, the user coin emerges at 98%, at the end of the level. Break a leg!

Join the game now and don't ignore other versions such as Geometry Dash Yatagarasu, Geometry Dash Ultra Violence, and Geometry Dash Bang Gang on our website.

How to control

Click the left mouse button to jump or fly up.