Geometry Dash Bang Gang

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About Geometry Dash Bang Gang


Welcome to Geometry Dash Bang Gang which is a 2.1 Extreme Demon created by DanZmeN. Explore the land with many monsters with a cube character.

If you are keen on Geometry Dash, don't ignore this version which is extremely challenging to play. In this version, you will explore a new land where there are many monsters, bad weather, and deadly obstacles. The obstacles will appear and disappear constantly. Therefore, you must be careful. Pay high concentration while you jump over the obstacles. Good luck! If you love the game, check out Geometry Dash Antichamber, Geometry Dash Ice Carbon Diablo X, and Geometry Dash Fairydust, and Geometry Dash Asadal.

How to control: Click the left mouse to jump or fly up.

The gameplay of Geometry Dash Bang Gang

  • 0-33%: The level starts with a quadruple spike jump and then a tight ship section comes, two UFO jumps, and then a brief diagonal straight fly. Next, the character changes to a ball section, and then a UFO segment with alternating gravity portals comes along.
  • 33-55%: The character will transform into a spider form with a brief. Next, a wave section appears.
  • 55-76%: Next, the cube section emerges one more time. Then, the character changes to UFO form.
  • 77-100%: Finally, the boss with a giant skeleton head appears. It can shoot lasers out of his eyes and his mouth. You will take control of the character in the ship form to evade the boss fight and reach a safe space.