Geometry Dash Slaughterhouse


Check out Geometry Dash Slaughterhouse which is a 2.1 Extreme Demon Level. Let's explore the frightening house with many devils and deadly traps.

This game is made by IcEDCave, EndLevel, River, Iris, DrCuber, CDMusic, and Brittank88 and verified by spaceuk. Therefore, it has many new things which will surprise you. Play the game now to explore them. If you enjoy this game, be sure to check out other versions of Geometry Dash such as Geometry Dash Motion, Geometry Dash Extreme Park, and Geometry Dash Neon on our website.

The gameplay of Geometry Dash Slaughterhouse

0-8% (IcEDCave): The game starts with a slow mini-cube part. You must guide a cube to jump over a few spread-out spikes. When the screen becomes black, you will enter a normal-size cube with narrow-spread triple spikes and an orb timing. At this part, you can see a Clubstep monster lying at the end of the section.

8-18% (EndLevel): Next, the game transitions to a ship section with a straight flight.

18-49% (IcEDCave): Then, you will enter a cube segment. At this part, you have to jump over narrow-spread triple spikes and jump on top of pillars. After that, you will come to a quadruple-speed wave section. Control the wave to move in a tight corridor. Slide on the top and bottom to dodge spikes. Then, the game switches to a ship section with a long straight flight with orbs and size changes.

49-58% (River): Afterwards, you will enter a quadruple-speed tight wave with constant gravity and size changes.

58-74% (Iris): Then, the wave transforms into a mini-UFO and then returns to its original form. Next, you will come to a ship section with a long, tight straight flight.

74-91% (DrCuber): The next section is a dual wave section. Then, it switches to a tight mini-wave section..

91-95% (CDMusic): When the speed starts to slow down, the character returns to a cube section. Take control of a cube to overcome narrow-spread triple spikes and double spikes.

95-100% (IcEDCave): Finally, after the demon face appears, you will enter a wave section. Control the waver to slide on slopes and reach the end of the game.

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