Geometry Dash Extreme Park


Welcome to Geometry Dash Extreme Park which is a 1.2 solo Hard Demon Level. Explore the deadly park with the character and try to reach the end.

This game was developed, verified, and published by Rabbitical (formerly Ripplez). As the hardest level ever published at the time, it requires your memory and quick reflex to win the game. If you are crazy about Geometry Dash, don't ignore this game. Don't ignore other versions such as Geometry Dash Poltergeist, Geometry Dash Megalodon, and Geometry Dash Sakupen Hell.

The gameplay of Geometry Dash Extreme Park

0-12%: At the start of the game, you start with a tricky normal-speed cube section that contains many fakes, especially orb-fakes. In addition, you can see many direction arrows which will help you know the correct path.

44-61%: Then, the game switches to a tight section containing three orbs, at which the player has to only hit the first two.

61-73%: Next, you will come to a simple ship sequence. At this part, you must evade spike-balls which are created from groups of four blocks and eight spikes around them to resemble saw blades and a spike right in a block.

73-100%: Finally, you will enter a large structure full of fake walls and fake paths. After overcoming all of them, you will reach the end of the game.

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