Geometry Dash Poltergeist

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About Geometry Dash Poltergeist


Enter Geometry Dash Poltergeist which is a 1.9/2.1 solo Insane Demon Level made by Andromeda. Dodge all obstacles and pass various portals along the way.

This game is a difficult remake of Geometry Dash Nine Circles. In this game, you can see a new feature. It is notoriously random timings in the first half combined with really tight spaces and very awkward movements. Due to its difficulty, it is only suitable for skillful players. If you master Geometry Dash, try playing this game now. Don't forget to try other versions such as Geometry Dash Firework, Geometry Dash Bit by Bit, and Geometry Jump Sketchy.

The gameplay of Geometry Dash Poltergeist

At the start of the game, you enter a simple cube section with a few jumps and tricks. Then, the game switches to a trivial ball section with a few saw blades. Next, you will return to the cube sequence with some jump orbs. When the music drops, you will enter one of the most notorious wave segments in the game. This part features triple speed, numerous awkward timings, tight spaces, and fake obstacles. After that, the game transitions to the ship sequence and then a half-speed cube section with background text saying, "TAKE A BREAK." At this part, you will encounter five sets of double spikes repeatedly, spontaneously appearing then slowly fading. Afterward, you will come to another wave segment which is easier than the first wave segment as you will control the wave to move in larger spaces. When you see the text saying "ANDRO", it means that you reach the end of the game.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to jump or fly up.