Geometry Dash Electroman Adventures


Get ready for new and exciting adventures in Geometry Dash Electroman Adventures. Conquer the track with full of obstacles in the game and collect 3 coins.

This game is the thirteenth level of Geometry Dash and the fourth level with an Insane difficulty. Therefore, it is super challenging for you to play. In this game, you need to take control of the cube to jump over various deadly traps and pass through many portals. After going through the portals, the character will change its appearance. For instance, it will transform into a ship from 13% to 26%. Next, after passing through the size portal at 33%, it will change to a cube. No matter which form it is, you have to control it skillfully to dodge the obstacles. Do your best!

How to control: Click the left mouse or the Spacebar to jump.

Secret Coins in Geometry Dash Electroman Adventures.

Like Geometry Dash Fast Base After Base and Geometry Dash Endorphin Rush, this game also has three secret coins which are hidden along the way. You can find them at 12%, 19%, and 99%. You must try to gather enough secret coins and have fun playing.

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