Geometry Dash Endorphin Rush


Let's join a new journey with a square character in Geometry Dash Endorphin Rush! Control the character to jump and fly to evade many dangerous obstacles.

This new version of Geometry Dash Online will bring you a fresh playing experience. In this game, you also need to take control of a square character to avoid many obstacles along the racetrack. Note that the character will change its appearance when it goes through the portal. Therefore, you should reflex quickly as soon as it changes its appearance. Do your best to reach the final portal in the shortest time to complete the level and get the highest possible score. You can look at the progress bar on the top of the screen to know how far it is from your position to the final portal.

This game is an easy demon game by TamaN and ASonicMen. Play it now and share it with your friends or relatives.

How to control

Click the left mouse to control the character.

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