Geometry Dash Demon Park

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About Geometry Dash Demon Park


Geometry Dash Demon Park is an Easy Demon Level created by M2coL. Attempt to reach the destination in the shortest time and gain as many points as possible.

If you are a big fan of Geometry Dash and Geometry Dash Lite, don't ignore this version. It is a 1.2 solo Easy Demon Level developed by M2coL. It is said to be one of the easiest levels and the first level in Demon Pack 1. In this version, you will meet blocks that are designed rudimentarily. There are many spikes inside these blocks. You must dodge them at all costs if you don't want to end the adventure soon. Furthermore, transition and speed portals are indispensable in this game. You must pass through them to change the appearance of the character. It can transform into different forms such as a ship at 28%, a cube at 38%, a ball at 57%, and an anti-gravity ship at 71%. The feature of the character also changes corresponding to its form. This will bring you an exciting playing experience. Play the game now and remember to check out other versions such as Geometry Dash Theory Of Everything 2 and Geometry Dash World Toxic Factory on our website.

How to control

Click the left mouse button to jump or fly up.