Geometry Dash Count To Ten

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About Geometry Dash Count To Ten


Geometry Dash Count To Ten is a Harder Level created by Zoroa  GD. Take control of a cube to slide to the destination without crashing into obstacles.

This game is a Harder Level of Geometry Dash rated 6 stars. It was developed by Zoroa GD and added new themes and features. In this game, you will explore the math world where you encounter long spikes and large buzzsaws. Try to jump as high as possible to overcome them if you don't want to lose soon. In particular, you will see many arrow directions on the path. If you follow them, you can dodge the obstacles easily. Don't forget to gather 2 user coins along the way. Attempt to reach the destination as soon as possible. After conquering the map in this game, you can play Geometry Dash Ultra Violence, Geometry Neon Dash 2, and Fire And Water Geometry Dash for more exciting adventures.

How to control

Click the left mouse button to jump or fly up.