Geometry Neon Dash 2

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About Geometry Neon Dash 2


Play Geometry Neon Dash 2 to enjoy an entertaining running game. Control your character to jump over obstacles, collect stars and reach the finish line.

The track with many obstacles is waiting for you. The character you play is a square block with a zombie image. Control it to jump through sharp spikes which will stop you from reaching your destination. Besides, there are also spins that cost you your life when you crash into them. Be careful to dodge. The track will change at every level. The first level may have you rolling to the finish line, but you will fly through these roads on the next level. Continue to dodge obstacles and reach the finish line. The horizontal bar in the upper corner will show you how far you have travelled and how far you have left to complete. The closer you get to the finish line, the more obstacles you need to avoid. Collect as many stars as possible, and it will help you exchange for new characters with cuter images. Discover the characters by trying to open them. Try this running game, and you will be immersed in the dramatic match. You will not miss any opportunity to help your character overcome complex challenges. Can you become a great character in the game or not?

Tips to win Geometry Neon Dash 2

Left click as soon as you get close to the obstacle. When facing dense barriers, you need to jump quickly over them to dodge them. Aligning the appropriate time and distance will help your character go further and get more points. Good luck.


  • The shop sells a lot of characters in many colors.
  • Obstacles are dense and arranged to create challenges for players.
  • The race track can change colors.
  • Easy gameplay.
  • Attractive graphics and lively sound.

How to play:

  • Use the mouse to play.