Geometry Dash Black Blizzard


Welcome to Geometry Dash Black Blizzard which is an Extreme Demon Level made by KrmaL. Traverse in the scary dark maze and get to the end soon.

This game is a 2.0/2.1 solo Extreme Demon Level of Geometry Dash developed by KrmaL on May 21, 2017. It took him four months to verify. In this version, the dominant feature is an abundance of difficult timings and segments of extreme difficulty. Moreover, the theme in this game is extremely dark, which will bring the feeling of fright. Even the jump orbs are also black, which will increase the degrees of difficulty. Play this game now and don't forget to try playing other versions such as Geometry Dash DeCode and Geometry Dash Invisible Deadlocked.

The playing rules of Geometry Dash Black Blizzard

At the start of the game, you have to control a half-speed mini cube to overcome many obstacles. Then, the game switches to a tricky normal-sized cube section. After that, you will come to a triple-speed UFO section with several gravity changes and some spam. Afterward, the character changes quickly to the ball and then the ship. The ship will hit green orbs to fly higher. Next, the game switches to mixed dual segments. It is said to be the hardest segment in the entire game. Next, the character transforms into a mini ship or a mini ball mixed dual. The cube or robot mixed dual comes next and then you will return to a cube sequence. Finally, the appearance of the character will change to a ship and wave to fly in the dark tight places and reach the end.

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