Geometry Dash 2


Geometry Dash 2 is a beat-and-beat rhythm game featuring 11 levels with varying degrees of difficulty. In this game, you must be quick with your manipulation.

The playing rule of this game is similar to Geometry Dash. In this game, you must also take control of the square character to slide and jump over many dangerous obstacles. Be careful! Utilize your quick reaction and fingers to control the character to jump as high as possible to dodge the obstacles. There are many jump pads and jump rings on the path. They can be used to change gravity and make double jumps. Do your best to reach the final portal to step up to the next stage.

Unlike the original version, this game allows you to set the speed of the character. If you are a beginner who just started discovering this game, you should slow the speed of the character. If you master all skills, challenge yourself with a fast speed.

How to control: Click the left mouse button or the Spacebar to jump.

Some effective strategies to conquer all stages

This game is harder than it looks, so it is necessary to build your own strategies before each adventure. Here are some useful tips which will help you to beat all stages in the game.

  • Play Practice Mode first: You should try this mode first to practice controlling the character. If you can get 60-70% attempts, you can move on to Normal Mode to play.
  • Keep the rocket flying in the middle of the screen: If you do that, you can fly up or down to evade the obstacles easily.
  • Avoid being distracted: If you are distracted for seconds, the character can collide with the obstacles soon. Therefore, you had better pay high concentration while playing the game.

New features in Geometry Dash 2

More worlds and stages

In this second installment, you will get an opportunity to explore two mysterious worlds. They are Dashlands and Toxic Factory. In Dashlands, you must complete 5 stages with increasing degrees of difficulty in order. After winning all stages in this world, you are qualified to move on to the next world which is Toxic Factory. This world has 6 stages with different degrees of difficulty. At the levels in this world, you will encounter movable obstacles. They move from up to down and vice versa. You need to react quickly to evade them at all costs.

In addition, both worlds have two game modes. They are Practice Mode and Normal Mode. If you are a newbie, you can try Practice Mode first. After mastering the skills of controlling the character, you can select Normal Mode to play.

Various unlocked skins

This game offers a variety of skins. They are classified into 7 types with different shapes. They are squares, circles, ships, UFOs, robots, spiders, and rockets. All skins in the game are available for gameplay. It means that you don't need to pay money to get them. Just click on the Character button and then the list of characters will be presented. Choose your favorite character and play the game now.

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