Find The Way Home Maze Game


Help a cute blue alien come back to its home in Find The Way Home Maze Game. Control the character to evade other aliens and bullets and reach the destination.

An adorable blue alien gets lost. Can you help it come back home safely? Take control of the little alien to find the way back home. Be careful with other aggressive aliens and cannons along the way. You must dodge them at all costs if you don't want to lose soon. Attempt to reach the destination and collect all stars along the way.

How to control: Press ARROW KEYS to move.

The levels in Find The Way Home Maze Game

This game has 30 levels with increasing degrees of difficulty. The higher the level, the more obstacles and enemies you have to encounter. Do your best to win all levels and enjoy the game. If you are interested in this game, you should try playing Super Portal Maze 3D, Geometry Dash, and Hamster Maze Online which are exciting games on our website.

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