Hamster Maze Online

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About Hamster Maze Online


Play Hamster Maze Online to train your cute hamster. Guide it to collect all food along the way and overcome many obstacles to reach the plate.

In this game, you will train your adorable hamster to run and jump through many platforms and obstacles. Try to keep the hamster balanced and reach the plate safely. You will see many kiwis scattered along the way. Try to collect all of them if you can. Do your best to complete a level to obtain a lot of fruits. This game has many challenging levels with different degrees of difficulty, which is similar to Geometry Dash. Accomplish all levels to unlock new objects.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button to control the mouse

Interesting things about Hamster Maze Online

This game features many daily rewards. Therefore, you should login and play the game every day to claim them. Moreover, the shop sells a variety of skins, clothes and accessories. You can use the fruits you earn to purchase your favorite ones and customize your hamster.