Droid O


Welcome to Droid O where a fierce galaxy fight is taking place. Destroy as many alien spaceships as possible to get the highest possible score.

The story starts when the aliens come and invade the Earth. At this time, you are assigned a mission to fight against aliens to protect the Earth. Click the Start button to complete your mission now. Take control of the spaceship to shoot down as many aliens' spaceships as possible to get many points. Don't forget to grab power-ups such as Cannon, Shield, and Rocket to upgrade your spaceship

This game features interesting gameplay and a galaxy theme. Therefore, it will attract you on the first try. Play it now and prove that you are the best captain. If you are keen on this game, why don't you try playing Galaxzynos, Geometry Dash, and AI Vendetta on our website?

How to control

Hold the left mouse button to control the spaceship.

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