AI Vendetta


Get ready for the battle with robots in AI Vendetta. Control your spaceship to shoot down as many alien droids as possible to earn many coins.

In this game, you are assigned a mission which is to break into the base of alien robots. Drive your spaceship to fight against them. Attempt to shoot down as many opponents as possible and destroy their base to earn many coins. Be careful! Try not to crash into high columns or fall into the floor if you don't want to lose soon.

This game features 6 levels with increasing degrees of difficulty. Come on! If you are a big fan of galaxy war games such as Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter and Space Killers (Retro Edition), play this game now and complete all levels. Besides, our website has Geometry Dash which is an exciting running game. Try it out!

How to control

Press WASD keys to move.

Hold the Spacebar to charge your beam power.

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