Awesome Seaquest


Participate in sea fights and protect your seas in Awesome Seaquest. Upgrade your ships to make them more powerful and try to defeat the red army.

The evil red army has overrun our seas and stolen the propeller of our awesome ark. You must do something to protect our seas. Use the map to target resources and choose your battle wisely. Win battle early to get bonus cash and earn a high rank on the ark.

This game offers three levels including Normal, Hard, and Extreme. You should play the Normal level first to master the skills needed to lead the blue army to victory. Then, challenge yourself with Hard and Extreme levels. Come on! Play this game now and try to save our seas from the red army. If you love this game, let's check out Battles Of Seas, Geometry Dash, and Battle Royale Noob Vs Pro.

How to control: Use the mouse to control

Pro tips for Awesome Seaquest

Here are some tips that help you win all battles in the game.

  • Put the unit you don't need in your dry drock and they will fully heal the next day.
  • Look after your military. Leveled-up units are expensive to replace.
  • High-level boffins do lots of research but need lots of healing.
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