Zumba Mania


Zumba Mania is a fun bubble shooter game. The marble balls are rolling down a track, and you must prevent them from reaching the hole at the end.

Each level features a train of marble balls moving along a curved track toward the exit hole. Your frog is in the center, and you must remove all of the balls from the board to complete a level. Balls come in various colors, and to remove them, line up three or more of the same color together. Aim with your mouse, then click on the screen to send a ball from your frog to the ball train. The color of the balls you throw from your frog changes, so make sure you send them to the right location. If the train reaches the exit hole, you will lose the level. When you clear the board, the remaining distance between the train and the exit hole is converted into points and added to your total score.


Use the mouse to aim.

Left-click to launch an orb.

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