Women Football Penalty Champions

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About Women Football Penalty Champions


Welcome to Women Football Penalty Champions where you can join exciting football matches. Kick the ball into your rival's goal or defend your goal to score.

If you are fond of sports games such as Penalty Kicks or 2 Player Imposter Soccer, this game is designed for you. In this game, you will play as two roles ( kicker and defender). If you are a kicker, your objective is to kick the ball into your opponent's goal. You will score one point if the ball hits your opponent's goal. Reversely, if you are a defender, your mission is to defend your goal. Try to stop the ball after your rival kicks it. You will score one point if you can stop the ball from hitting your goal. Do your best to gain more points than your rival to get a victory.

In this game, you get an opportunity to compete with other players from 15 countries over the world. Try to defeat all of them to become the champion. After playing this game, you can try Geometry Dash which is also an exciting game on our website.

How to control

Click the left mouse to play.