Wizard Jewels


Wizard Jewels is a puzzle game designed specifically for wizards! This is three games in one because there are three different ways to match the jewels. There are 50 levels waiting for your spell to be cast! Click the play button to begin to play this unique matching game that will provide you with a greater challenge.

Match three of the same jewels to make all of the colored backgrounds disappear in this matching game. There are three options for matching the jewels: You can click on a group to change two jewels or connect two groups. Once the left-hand panel is completely filled with red-colored magic, click on the option you want. You must obtain the key to the hole once all of the backgrounds have vanished. You can even change the layout of the field! If you get stuck, you can also use the shuffle button once it has loaded all the way to read.

How to play:

Use the left mouse button to play.

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