Subway Surfers Seoul

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About Subway Surfers Seoul


Play Subway Surfers Seoul to adventure in the capital of Korea. Control Jake to run as fast as possible on the subway in Seoul and collect many coins.

Jake comes to Seoul which is a modern city in Korea. In this city, he meets a grumpy inspector and has to escape one more time. Your mission is to help him escape from the inspector. You should be careful with many barriers and trains on the subway. Try to jump, slide down or move left or right to evade them at all costs. Additionally, you also need to collect coins, letters and power-ups along the way. Do your best to collect as many coins as possible. They can be used to purchase cool characters and hoverboards in the shop. Run as far as possible to get the highest possible score and raise your rank on the leaderboard

This game is the fourteenth installment of the Subway Surfers series. Released in February 2014, this episode has a new limited character who is Mina with her Robo outfit and Bubblegum hoverboard. Now the game is playable on both PC, iOS, and Android devices, which is similar to Geometry Dash.

How to control

Press the Left - Right Arrow keys to move left or right

Press an Up Arrow key to jump

Press a Down Arrow key to slide down

Press s Spacebar to activate the hoverboard