Stumble Guys


Stumble Guys is a fun game with a battle royale party theme. Up to 32 people race online across crazy obstacle courses. Be victorious and surpass your opponents.

To constantly win in Stumble Guys, you must first learn the shortcuts for each level. We are no longer discussing the quickest paths of the game challenges, but rather various tactics that will allow you to bypass the constraints of the setting and achieve the goal ahead of the other players. For example, on the space level, you can acquire speed by sliding on the planets, and on the snow level, you can go faster by flinging yourself over the ice blocks. Look for surfaces and platforms to climb on in order to avoid obstacles, traps, and a swarm of gamers that will push you into the void.


  • Run, sprint, and slide past your opponents while overcoming obstacles.
  • 17 distinct obstacle courses.
  • Battle royale online multiplayer.
  • Party mode allows you to play with your pals.
  • Chaos Dynamic Effects.
  • Design that is unusual and colourful.
  • Outfits and emotes can be unlocked.
  • Avalanche of laughter-induced falls!
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