Street Fight Match


Join thrilling fights between a superhero and monsters in Street Fight Match. Connect three or more foods to make the superhero stronger and defeat monsters.

This game is a fantastic mix of action and matching. In this game, you have to match three or more foods to make the superhero more powerful. The more food you can connect with, the stronger the hero is. When the superhero is powerful, he can defeat all monsters easily and bring peace to the city. Eliminating a monster will bring you a lot of coins. Try to earn as many coins as possible and spend them to upgrade your health, attack, and income.

Play the game and save the city from monsters now. If you are keen on this game, I suggest you play Stick Duel: Shadow Fight, Shadow Fighters: Hero Duel, and Geometry Dash which are exciting games on our website.

How to control

Hold the left mouse to connect.

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