Stickman Shooter 3 Among Monsters


Join breathtaking fights between imposters and stickman in Stickman Shooter 3 Among Monsters. Kill many imposters to keep them away from your basement.

The army of imposters come and attack your basement. It is time to grab your gun and protect your basement now. Play as a stickman, your mission is to shoot down as many imposters as possible to keep them away from your basement. However, these imposters will upgrade quickly and become more powerful. Therefore, do your best to eliminate all of them. You can utilize special attacks to destroy many imposters at once. Attempt to earn as many coins as possible to upgrade your fire damage, fire rate, and bullet type. Besides, the shop sells many boosters such as a gate defense, rocket launcher, laser, rocket wall, mega cannon, and trapper. Buy them to defeat stronger enemies.

Don't wait anymore! Participate in this thrilling fight and show off your shooting skills. If you like the game, let's try playing Geometry Dash, Impostor Royal Solo Kill, Impostor Hook, and Imposters 99 on our website.

How to control

Click the left mouse button to shoot.

Press 1-2-3 keys to activate the special attacks.

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