Stickman Planks Fall

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About Stickman Planks Fall


Stickman Planks Fall is an entertaining multiplayer running game with many challenges. Control your stickman to collect planks and run to the finish line.

In this game, you will participate in running races with other players from many countries worldwide. In the race, you aim to run as fast as possible to cross the finish line first. The racetrack is really windy. Therefore, you should collect as many planks as possible. Use them to build bridges to overcome tricky corners. Be careful! Try not to fall off the racetrack if you don't want to lose soon. Do your best to overtake your rivals and get to the finish line first. Play this game now and have fun. If you like this game and want to play more running games, try Geometry Dash which is also an exciting running game on our website.

How to control: Use the mouse to control the stickman

The shop in Stickman Planks Fall

This game offers a variety of clothes and hats. All of them are locked and sold at different prices. Use the coins you earn to unlock random clothes and hats. Note that the higher level you reach, the rarer clothes and hats you are allowed to unlock. For instance, if you can get to the Legend level, you can buy more beautiful clothes and hats in the shop.