Stickman Party

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About Stickman Party


Stickman Party is an addictive arcade game. In this game, there are many different minigames for you to try and your mission is to complete all of them.

In this game, you will be participating in many different games. There are eight types of minigames for you to play. These games have a common feature, which is you will control two characters at the same time, or you can also join your friends and family to experience all the games. Each character will have a different control system. A character can be controlled by the "WASD" keys. The other character will be controlled by the arrow keys. To meet your needs, the game incorporates a variety of games. If you like speed games, you can choose the Stickman Run game, Micro Racing game, or Soccer game. If you love action games, you can choose the Tank Battle game or the Stickman Push game. The other games are also attractive, you can try your hand at all of them. Games will give you hours of entertainment. You will never get bored because there are many challenging games and missions for you. Enjoy with family and friends to bond together. All of you can play together and compete to decide who wins.

Features of Stickman Party:

  • There are many mini-games for you to participate in.
  • Diverse tasks help you feel excited.
  • Can play on full screen.
  • Two-player game.

How to play:

  • Use WASD to control a character.
  • Use arrow keys to control another character.