Stickman Archer Warrior


Stickman Archer Warrior is a thrilling shooting game with engaging gameplay. Try to aim accurately and kill as many enemies as possible to collect many coins.

If you are a big fan of stickman action games such as Bow Master Stickman Hero, don't miss this game. In this game, you will transform into an archer whose task is to use a bow and arrow to shoot down as many rivals as possible. Try to aim at your enemies heads to kill them with one shot. Remember that your rivals also do the same thing to you. therefore, you should take down them before they do that with you. You will earn a lot of coins after eliminating a rival. Try to kill as many enemies as possible to earn as many coins as you can. Use the coins you earn to upgrade your attack and defense abilities and health points. Besides, the coins can be used to purchase more beautiful bows and arrows in the shop. Come on! It's time to prove that you are the best archer. If you enjoy this game, what about checking out Geometry Dash which is an exciting game on our website?

How to play

Hold the left mouse button to aim

Release the left mouse button to shoot

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