Stick War Legacy

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About Stick War Legacy


Stick War Legacy is a strategy war game with stick figures. Control your army in formations or play each unit and you have complete control over every stickman.

You are the leader of Order as the game's protagonist. You believe in education and peace. However, because of that belief, you become an easy target for other nations who are obsessed with war and weapons. So your plan is to attack other countries first, then use their technology to your advantage!

Stick War Legacy has a lot of missions to complete, and training units for your army is crucial. That is why you should prioritize acquiring more gold in order to move around. To obtain more gold, you must create more miners. It is best, to begin with, two to three miners and gradually increase to four miners halfway through. This ensures a consistent supply of gold throughout Stick War Legacy!

When you notice that your melee fighters are weaker, do not attack the enemy's statue. Allow your fighters to return to the castle and train new units. These trained soldiers should be deployed again to demolish that statue! Sometimes retreating allows for a more effective attack. So, don't be afraid to retreat because it doesn't imply surrender.

How to play:

AD or left/right arrow to control the character.

"Space" bar to do action.