Squid Impostor Golden Key


Squid Impostor Golden Key with the goal of killing all enemies by jumping on them before time runs out and finding the key after killing the last enemy.

Squid impostor Golden Key is a brand new combination of our website's Among Us Games and Squid Game categories, which have always been fantastic and well received, so you can bet the same will be true right now for this platform-adventure game with action elements we highly recommend!

Give it your all to kill all the squid impostors you come across, which you do by jumping on their heads. When you do this, the golden key appears, which allows you to progress to the next stage.

Avoid touching enemies, falling into pits or traps, and any other dangers, because if you die, you lose and must restart from the beginning. If you want to improve your score, collect the items along the way as well. We wish you the best of luck and invite you to play more of our games after this one; you won't be disappointed!

How to play

  • WASD or Mobile touch control to play.
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