Square Rush


Square Rush is an exciting arcade game about speed and reaction in which you have to overcome various obstacles, earn points and create records.

It is very simple but addictive gameplay. In the square, rush to avoid obstacles, run as far as possible, and collect more stars to get more features. Choose five different squares to make your journey more colorful, addictive, and fun. The square is Purple for agile movement, Red for speed, Blue for shrinking, Green for drag star. Achieve big scores, complete challenges, or increase your level.

Each level will be a fun challenge with three different game modes, six different types of squares, and lots of skins and themes. Beautiful graphics, pleasant colors, and simple gameplay for unlimited fun!

Features of Square Rush

  • Cool graphics
  • Avoid obstacles
  • Collect stars
  • Unlock the special square
  • Single player

How to play

  • Tap left and right buttons to change direction
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